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Chapel of Transfiguration, Camp Mitchell

Chapel of Transfiguration, Camp Mitchell

Every year since 2005, the team never fails to be amazed at the presence of Spirit and the generosity of our diocese.  Our 2014 retreat was no exception.

The young women were blanketed in hospitality and nurtured in Spirit.  The speaker Marge Doyle reminded all of the mystery and “wisdom” that surrounds us and encouraged every woman to listen to who they really are.

For those of you who didn’t get to experience Time for JOY, either as a retreatant or a team member, we encourage you to get involved now.  Although registration doesn’t open until January, planning begins the summer before.  Church women can be looking for the next women who need an oasis on their spiritual journey.  If you would like to serve on the team, please contact elanka (

Again, many thanks to everyone who made this year happen, and even more importantly, thanks be to God!

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