The next Time for JOY retreat will be April 8-10, 2016

at Camp Mitchell on Petit Jean Mountain, Morrilton, Arkansas.

Time for JOY is a weekend retreat designed for young women living stressful lives, be they single, married, divorced, working in the home or outside the home. The purpose of the retreat is to provide experiences which affirm and encourage young women on their spiritual journey. Through the introduction of simple soul-tending skills, the retreatant is reconnected with her spirituality.

This retreat is a gift to a young woman from her home parish, church, or mission. The church sponsor finds the young woman and encourages her to attend, financially providing her way. The church does all in its power to help the woman’s family be secure in her going away for a weekend, offering baby-sitting, meals and other needed support, all facilitated by the sponsor’s coordination. The key to success of the ministry is the continuing support of the local church community in the woman’s life. Time for JOY may be a separate ministry within a congregation or may fit with an existing ministry of the congregation. Either way, the intention is that the young woman’s spiritual experience does not stop after the retreat is over but continues inside the local church family; the sponsor assures this will happen. Each young woman is eligible to attend only one time, though many retreatants return as staff volunteers.

The retreat is sponsored and staffed by the Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Arkansas (ECW). The staff of volunteers provide the workshops, the music, the speaker, the gifts, the fellowship, and many spiritual opportunities for the young women, to help them connect with their own spiritual paths. Qualified women offer spiritual direction, and a priest presides at Holy Eucharist.

Steering Committee

 Shellie Bailey,  Millie Hillard, Wanda Dunwoody, Sandy Smith (sandrasmith1174@att.net), Lisa Parker-Tisdale, Elanka Jayasundera (elankaj@yahoo.com),