After registration you can look forward to hearing from one of the committee members.  Prepare yourself to feel loved, appreciated and valued as a woman of Spirit.

You may want to plan for the retreat weekend, and please do.  Do not, however, let yourself become overly stressed with this.  Let your church, friends and family help you with arrangements at home.  Contact your Sponsor if you need particular help with this.  If you would like to carpool, we can put you in touch with others from your part of the state. Most importantly, though, know that you are coming to the retreat to grow in Spirit, so RELAX.  Let your mind take the back seat, and let your inner wisdom do the work for you!

Some practical things to consider when packing:

  • Weather varies on the mountain; be sure to check the forecast and bring your favorite sweater/throw/robe, etc.
  • Dress casual and comfortable.
  • Linens are provided, but if you need your pillow and blankets to rest well, bring them.
  • Camp towels are thin, and we want you to feel pampered — bring your favorite bath towels.
  • Bring your yoga mat, sitting cushion, journals, knitting/crocheting, sketch book . . . whatever you need or want to relax and/or to express yourself.  Inspiration comes quickly when you feel nurtured.
  • Do let us know if you have special needs beyond allergies.  (i.e. you haven’t slept a full night’s sleep in years and want complete silence, you’re vegetarian, and the like.)

More information will be provided in your welcome letter.  And you are welcome, with open arms and hearts.


“My friend, Shellie Bailey, has been telling me for the last three years that I need to go to Time for JOY, but like many women my age with children, careers, dance recitals, gymnastics classes (you get the picture), I had always declined with a, ‘oh, yeah, that would be nice but … (insert various responsibility or activity here).’  However, this year the weekend fell at a time when not only did I not have anything scheduled but also a time when I really needed some ‘joy.’

“As Jennifer kept saying, ‘God has put us all here for a reason,’ and I’ve always believed that way.  God puts us right where we need to be, right in the relationships we need to be in, so we can learn something from one another, lean on one another, and have a chance to experience God’s love through each other.  However, you wouldn’t have heard those words from me before the weekend because somewhere in the muck of life, I had forgotten. . . . I needed this weekend.  I needed it way more than I even realized when I said I would go.

“Upon my return my friends and family inquired, ‘How was the weekend?  What did you DO?’  Well, let’s see…. I slept, I skipped the programs and I slept, and I slept late, and… I went for a long run (which for me is relaxing); did I mention I ate a lot of really great food?  Believe it or not, that’s not all they do at Time for JOY, but that was how I decided to use my time and let me just say, ‘I was joyful!’

“The other thing I did while I was at Time for JOY was listen.  I listened to women tell their stories.  . . .  All these beautiful women living their lives, and struggling everyday to do the best they can for their families and their friends.  That’s where God is — in the people and their stories.  I think we all get very busy with life and forget that sometimes.  We need just a little push out of our routine to help us remember what life is all about. Thank you, ladies, for giving up your routine for a weekend so that I could listen and be reminded of where God is.  You know, it all did happen for a reason.”

— Mandy McCorkindale, 2008

“There was so much love from the minute we got here.  This was the best weekend of my life.  Thank you!”

–Retreatant evaluation, 2007