Speakers at the J.O.Y weekend provide an opening on Friday evening, a lecture on Saturday and offer the homily before Eucharist at the Chapel service on Sunday. Most importantly, though, they exude wisdom and beauty, providing us with insight so that we might also find God’s wonder within ourselves and all around us.

2016 Rev Dr Joanna Seibert and Joanna ES Campbell

“Writing as a Spiritual Practice”

 Rev Dr Seibert is a recently retired professor of radiology and pediatrics at Arkansas Childrens’ Hospital and UAMS. A published author and a deacon of 15 years currently serving St Luke’s NLR.

Mrs JCampbell earned her MS in resource conservative from the University of Montana and her MFA in creative writing from Seattle Pacific University. She lives and writes in Eureka Springs Arkansas, and loves being a member of St Jame’s Episcopal Church.

2015– Ardelle Walters

“Unpacking Self Care”

Ardelle, a Licensed Professional Counselor, has a private practice at Well-spring Renewal Center in Little Rock. She works with a wide range of issues such as depression, grief, anxiety, relationships and self-esteem. She also serves as a CREDO faculty member for the Episcopal church and is a member of Christ Church, LR. Ardelle completed her undergraduate degree in Mathematics from John Brown University and earned her Master’s degree in Community Counseling from the University of Central Arkansas.

A native of Pine Bluff, Ardelle currently resides in Little Rock with her husband and their two teenagers


2014– Rev. Marge Doyle

“Sophia, wisdom”

Priest, holy teacher, leprechaun, musician, scholar, and wise woman: all of these apply to Marge Doyle and don’t even begin to scratch the surface.  We began our first night relaxing as she spoke to us of the Divine Feminine.  Reminded us of our worthiness to be loved and cherished and that we are never alone.  Told us the fascinating fact that we are made up of the same composition as stars (give or take a molecule or 2)…then passed out “stardust” for us to wear during our weekend together.  Sang beautiful songs and taught us some to sing together.  She began to “weave” us into a beautiful fabric of women who had many burdens but also many gifts.  It truly became a time of joy.  The most moving moment for me was when she offered individual blessings for those who wished it, anointing our foreheads with oil, and saying a blessing that was special for each of us.  Everyone stood close with our hands on each other’s shoulders so that we were all touching the one being blessed thru a chain of loving hands. When Marge’s daughter told her it was her turn, I cried as she said a simple and moving blessing over her mother.   Marge truly has a deep insight into the Divine Feminine, Wisdom, if you will, that is fascinating and empowering for women.  I am blessed to call her my friend.

Rev. Suzanne Stoner, photo courtesy Andrew Kilgore

2012 — Rev. Suzanne Stoner

Suzanne’s no stranger to Time for JOY and has been an advocate for the ministry from the beginning.  She’s served before as celebrant, also sharing her healing touch and spiritual direction.  This year we’re delighted to welcome her back as keynote speaker, where she will share her wisdom and practice at striving to keep Jesus, others, and self in balance.

Suzanne serves as priest at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Fayetteville.

2011 — Rev. Susan Payne

Rev. Susan Payne will serve as presenter and chaplain for the 2011 retreat.  Susan recently retired from full-time ministry and now serves as Missionary Priest for St. James, Magnolia, and Priest Associate for Trinity Cathedral.

In her full life, Susan’s passions include backpacking with her husband and grandson, cooking, gardening, exploring the Christian faith with children, and hanging out with all kinds of sisters: women of all ages, friends, book lovers, neighbors, dreamers, and kin.

Regarding inspiration for this year’s theme, Susan shares, “I was wondering about a theme for Time for Joy when the old Bo Diddley song,  “Who do you love?” popped into my mind.  I trust those messages even when they make no apparent sense!” she said.  “So, our theme this year is Who do you love?”


Beth Maze

Beth Maze

2010 — Beth Maze

Beth Maze grew up in Mississippi in a large family that laughs a lot.  She’s a happily married mother of two daughters.  She is presently the Chaplain and Religion teacher – as well as the music teacher – for The Cathedral School in Little Rock.  She loves to knit, read, play the piano, rearrange the furniture with her husband, play with her grandson, and look at the ocean.  Her topics for Time for JOY will have as their center “Consciousness and Mindfulness.”  She’ll talk with us about listening to the Wisdom within, and creating rituals in the everyday stuff of our lives.

Sara Milford, Birth Advocate and Doula

2009 — Sara Milford

“Birthing the Woman Within” describes what Sara shared over the weekend.  A J.O.Y. retreatant from the first year in 2005, Sara has continued her spiritual journey, incorporating her role as a mother of four and a birth advocate, educator and doula.  She maintains a blog, EverydaySimple.  Retreatants experienced love and comfort, discussed tools for making their work manageable and heard a message to encourage and support them for their return home.

2008 — Jennifer Dillahay, M.D.

Bringing her life experience in stories and her sincerity in smiles, Jennifer encouraged retreatants to put themselves first, giving practical information from Cheryl Richardson’s book Take Time for Your Life.  Jennifer also enlisted the help of ladies from her own women’s group at church to help lead small coaching sessions so retreatants had the opportunity to focus on areas of interest.

Rev. Susan Sims Smith

Rev. Susan Sims Smith

2007 — Rev. Susan Sims-Smith

Rev. Sims-Smith plays a leading role in bringing awareness of the sacred feminine and other aspects of natural spirituality to our Arkansas Diocese through the SeedWork Ministry. We were grateful to welcome her to our midst, receiving and sharing her message.

2006 — Rev. Alma Beck

Rev. Alma Beck shared her message on the importance of taking care of yourself. She emphasized that you can’t have joy without taking care of You in your own unique way. She delighted all with her warmth and humor, sharing especially with those who attended her “Praying in Stitches” session, combining handwork and prayer. Having inspired many at Women’s Institute, delighting all with her warmth and humor, it was wonderful to have her share a weekend at Time for J.O.Y.

Nelda McDermott, Sara Milford, Rev. Peggy Hayes

2005 — Rev. Peggy Hays

Rev. Hayes spoke on walking our paths in Beauty. Indeed, she challenges us all to find the grace of Spirit in every moment. Her own connection to Spirit is shared with all in her presence. She was Vicar of St. Peter’s in Conway, AR from 1990-1998.